AprilFEC: Real-Time Channel Estimation and Adaptive Forward Error Correction

Jun 12, 2017 Submission readers: everyone
  • Student Paper: Yes
  • Abstract: Transporting large amounts of data over the wireless links of a mobile ad hoc network requires mitigating significant and unpredictable packet loss. Traditional acknowledgment-based transport protocols (e.g. TCP) perform poorly as ACK messages are dropped and the transport falls back on retransmission timeouts. We propose a novel application-layer transport system, AprilFEC, that employs erasure codes to ensure reliable delivery over lossy, time-varying wireless links. Moreover, AprilFEC minimizes added overhead by estimating packet loss rates and adapting its encoding level accordingly. We show that AprilFEC delivers large media files over lossy, time-varying links more reliably than a traditional TCP-based system.
  • TL;DR: AprilFEC estimates channel conditions and applies forward error correction accordingly for reliable data delivery in lossy networks.
  • Conflicts: umich.edu
  • Keywords: networking, forward error correction, fountain codes
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