Learning Relation Classification using Attention only


Nov 17, 2018 AKBC 2019 Conference Blind Submission readers: everyone Show Bibtex
  • Keywords: relation classification, attention, ELMo embeddings
  • TL;DR: We perform relation classification using attention only by letting the two entities of a relation pay attention to additional context.
  • Abstract: We present a novel approach for relation classification using attention mechanisms only. Our proposed approach consists of separating the entities taking part in a relation from its context and use the entities to pay attention to the context. We add the retrieved information on top of the entities and use that enriched abstraction to classify the relations. Apart from reducing computational complexity and achieving state of the art results on two established benchmarks, our method also makes results more interpretable because we can highlight what part of the context the queries pay attention to.
  • Archival status: Non-Archival
  • Subject areas: Machine Learning, Information Extraction, Knowledge Representation
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