On Direct Distribution Matching for Adapting Segmentation NetworksDownload PDF

25 Jan 2020, 12:34 (edited 24 Jun 2020)MIDL 2020 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: domain adaptation, unsupervised domain adaptation, semantic segmentation, direct distribution matching
  • Track: full conference paper
  • Abstract: Minimization of distribution matching losses is a principled approach to domain adaptation in the context of image classification. However, it is largely overlooked in adapting segmentation networks, which is currently dominated by adversarial models. We propose a class of loss functions, which encourage direct kernel density matching in the network-output space, up to some geometric transformations computed from unlabeled inputs. Rather than using an intermediate domain discriminator, our direct approach unifies distribution matching and segmentation in a single loss. Therefore, it simplifies segmentation adaptation by avoiding extra adversarial steps, while improving quality, stability and efficiency of training. We juxtapose our approach to state-of-the-art segmentation adaptation via adversarial training in the network-output space. In the challenging task of adapting brain segmentation across different magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) modalities, our approach achieves significantly better results both in terms of accuracy and stability.
  • Paper Type: methodological development
  • TL;DR: We propose a simple approach allowing for efficient domain adaptation in semantic segmentation problems if source and target domain data are aligned.
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