Twitter Data Augmentation for Monitoring Public Opinion on COVID-19 Intervention MeasuresDownload PDF

Sep 04, 2020 (edited Oct 16, 2020)EMNLP 2020 Workshop NLP-COVID SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Data Distillation, Data Augmentation, Opinion Analysis, Social Media
  • TL;DR: Using data distillation for the training data augmentation with or without manually labeled data
  • Abstract: The COVID-19 outbreak is an ongoing worldwide pandemic that was announced as a global health crisis in March 2020. Due to the enormous challenges and high stakes of this pandemic, governments have implemented a wide range of policies aimed at containing the spread of the virus and its negative effect on multiple aspects of our life. Public responses to various intervention measures imposed over time can be explored by analyzing the social media. Due to the shortage of available labeled data for this new and evolving domain, we apply data distillation methodology to labeled datasets from related tasks and a very small manually labeled dataset. Our experimental results show that data distillation outperforms other data augmentation methods on our task.
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