MEDIAR: Harmony of Data-Centric and Model-Centric for Multi-Modality MicroscopyDownload PDFOpen Website

2022 (modified: 24 Apr 2023)CoRR 2022Readers: Everyone
Abstract: Cell segmentation is a fundamental task for computational biology analysis. Identifying the cell instances is often the first step in various downstream biomedical studies. However, many cell segmentation algorithms, including the recently emerging deep learning-based methods, still show limited generality under the multi-modality environment. Weakly Supervised Cell Segmentation in Multi-modality High-Resolution Microscopy Images was hosted at NeurIPS 2022 to tackle this problem. We propose MEDIAR, a holistic pipeline for cell instance segmentation under multi-modality in this challenge. MEDIAR harmonizes data-centric and model-centric approaches as the learning and inference strategies, achieving a 0.9067 F1-score at the validation phase while satisfying the time budget. To facilitate subsequent research, we provide the source code and trained model as open-source:
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