Anticipating Planetary-scale Surprise: AI to accelerate understanding of cli-mate security, tipping-points and interventionsDownload PDF

01 Aug 2023AAAI 2023 Spring Symposium Series ACTD SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Keywords: DoD, climate, tipping-point, climate security
Abstract: The Department of Defense has stated in multiple reports that climate change will have measurable impacts on assets in the coming decades. Climate tipping points, sudden shifts in the Earth’s climate, may bring about such impacts quickly and with reduced warning. DARPA’s AI-assisted Climate Tip-ping-point Modelling (ACTM) program has demonstrated steps towards developing enhanced climate models and data assimilation techniques which provide a better understanding of climate tipping points, what may cause them, and what the Earth climate system may look like after a tipping point oc-curs.
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