[Novel] PhyQus: Automatic Unit Conversions for Wikidata Physical Quantities

Published: 29 Aug 2023, Last Modified: 20 Oct 2023ISWC 2023 Workshop Wikidata SubmissionEveryoneRevisionsBibTeX
TL;DR: Performing unit conversion during query-answering to allow results in any convertible unit of measurement
Abstract: Wikidata is gaining attention to address scientific experimental information. In particular, users can exploit the notions of physical quantities and units of measurements already defined in its knowledge graph. However, when users perform queries over scientific data referring to such data, they can only retrieve the physical quantities in the units of measurement explicitly stored as statements, although the knowledge to transform these quantity values into different units required by the query is already (partially) defined in the units' metadata. We propose PhyQus a query-answering approach that allows to retrieve the physical quantities in any convertible unit by performing unit conversion on the fly based on the query information. To this end, our approach is based in the advanced features of the W3C recommendation SHACL and leverages the ontology of unit of measurements, QUDT. We showcase that the approach is feasible considering two main examples one about cities's area and the other about the boiling point of chemical substances.
Submission Number: 16