Creating a semantic catalogue of architectural drawings.

May 19, 2021VIVO 2021 Conference SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Graphic Sheets, Metadata, Vitro, IIIF
  • TL;DR: How a repository of high resolution scanned images was made available online as part of a Vitro-powered catalogue.
  • Abstract: In 2020, TIB started a project to put the “Albrecht Haupt Collection” online, as part of a tool for creating reusable metadata about the collection. It started with the digitisation as high resolution images of the physical collection into a Goobi repository. In this presentation, we will detail the architecture, customisations and data flow, that enables us to serve high resolution, zoomable, images embedded within a Vitro user interface. An interface that allows researchers to browse the collection, whilst enriching the metadata of the collection.
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