Proposing a Hybrid Authoring Interface for AR-Supported Human-Robot Collaboration

Published: 27 Feb 2024, Last Modified: 04 Mar 2024VAM-HRI 2024 OralEveryoneRevisionsBibTeXCC BY 4.0
Keywords: Human-Robot Collaboration, Human-Robot Interaction, Augmented Reality, Authoring, Guidance, Intent, Hybrid User Interface
Abstract: We propose the use of a hybrid user interface for authoring augmented reality (AR) guidance in human-robot collaboration scenarios. When designing AR applications, e.g., for the HoloLens, the visual appearance of virtual content in the editor (e.g., Unity) typically differs dramatically from the real experience. Further, app deployment can be long-winded and therefore detrimental to quick design iterations. To address this inefficient procedure, we propose an authoring tool based on a web-interface, whereby the appearance of the virtual content is immediately updated in AR on a head-mounted display. This hybrid authoring interface approach thereby facilitates the use of traditional input methods (e.g., desktop computer, mobile touch-screen device) for the completion of complex authoring tasks through the web-interface, while supporting in-situ inspection with a head-mounted display.
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