Gaze-based Command Activation Technique Robust Against Unintentional Activation using Dwell-then-GestureDownload PDF

Apr 04, 2020 (edited Jun 08, 2020)Graphics Interface 2020 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Gaze-based interaction, gaze gesture, human behavior, eye tracking, gaze movement, GUI, user study
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  • Abstract: We demonstrate a gaze-based command activation technique that is robust against unintentional command activations using a series of dwelling on a target and performing a specific gesture (dwell-then-gesture manipulation). The gesture adopted is a simple two-level stroke, which consists of a sequence of two orthogonal strokes. To achieve robustness against unintentional command activations, we designed and fine-tuned a gesture detection system based on how users move their gaze, as revealed through three experiments. Although our technique seems to simply combine well-known dwell- and gesture-based manipulations, implying a low rate of success, our technique is actually the first technique that consists of a short time dwelling for target selection and a simple gesture for command activation. In addition, our technique will be the first technique adopting a marking menu, which is a traditional menu for command activation used in mouse- or pen-based interactions to gaze-based interactions.
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