Can recursive neural tensor networks learn logical reasoning?Download PDF

16 Apr 2024 (modified: 24 Dec 2013)ICLR 2014 conference submissionReaders: Everyone
Decision: submitted, no decision
Abstract: Recursive neural network models and their accompanying vector representations for words have seen success in an array of increasingly semantically sophisticated tasks, but almost nothing is known about their ability to accurately capture the aspects of linguistic meaning that are necessary for interpretation or reasoning. To evaluate this, I train a recursive model on a new corpus of constructed examples of logical reasoning in short sentences, like the inference of 'some animal walks' from 'some dog walks' or 'some cat walks,' given that dogs and cats are animals. The results are promising for the ability of these models to capture logical reasoning, but the model tested here appears to learn representations that are quite specific to the templatic structures of the problems seen in training, and that generalize beyond them only to a limited degree.
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