Teaching machine learning through end-to-end decision makingDownload PDF

Jun 28, 2021 (edited Aug 12, 2021)ECMLPKDD 2021 Workshop TeachML Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Machine learning, data science, optimal decision making, teaching, energy engineering
  • TL;DR: This paper summarises key findings from a course on data science to graduate level energy engineering students.
  • Abstract: Advances in machine learning and data science hold the potential to greatly optimize the overall energy sector, and prevent the worst outcomes of anthropogenic climate change. However, despite the urgent need for trained energy data scientists and the presence of a number of technically challenging issues that need to be tackled, the sector continues to suffer from a personnel shortage and remains mired in outdated technology. In many programs, energy engineers continue to graduate without even rudimentary programming skills, let alone knowledge of data science. This paper highlights key findings from an introductory course on machine learning and optimization designed specifically for energy engineering students. The course employs a number of teaching aids, which we hope will be useful for the broader community as well. The course was developed in a pan-European setting, supported by four different European universities as part of a broader roadmap to overhaul energy education.
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