Cloud Database Tuning with Reinforcement LearningDownload PDF

Dec 14, 2020 (edited Dec 27, 2020)CUHK 2021 Course IERG5350 Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Reinforcement Learning, Database Tuning
  • TL;DR: A scalable database tuning system in reinforcement approach
  • Abstract: In database management systems (DBMSs), especially cloud DBMSs, configuration tuning is one of the key factors that influence database performance. For a long period of time, the tuning job of databases is done by experienced database administrators (DBAs), which is time-consuming and sub-optimal. Recently, with the development of machine learning, automatic tuning tool starts to play a significant role in DBMSs. Among all the learning-based methods, reinforcement learning has the greatest potentiality to find the optimal or near-optimal configuration. There are already some reinforcement learning applications in database tuning, nonetheless, none of them provide fully executable code. In this project, we implement an independent version of auto-tuner to re-produce the current works on MySQL. Based on a careful design of the system, our code can be easily applied to other databases like JDB, LevelDB, etc. We believe it will benefit a lot to those database administrators who know a lot about databases but lack the knowledge of reinforcement learning. The code is available at The 5 minutes video can be found at Google Drive
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