Introducing MAMBO: Materials And Molecules Basic OntologyDownload PDF

Published: 16 Apr 2021, Last Modified: 05 May 2023DORIC-MM 2021 OralReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Ontology, Materials Science, Nanomaterials, Molecular Materials, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning
TL;DR: MAMBO: Materials And Molecules Basic Ontology
Abstract: Recent advances in computational and experimental technologies applied to the design and development of novel materials have brought out the need for systematic, rational and efficient methods for the organization of knowledge in the field. In this work, we present the initial steps carried out in the development of MAMBO - an ontology focused on the organization of concepts and knowledge in the field of materials based on molecules and targeted to applications. Our approach is guided by the needs of the communities involved in the development of novel molecular materials with functional properties at the nanoscale. As such, MAMBO aims at bridging the gaps of ongoing efforts in the development of ontologies in the materials science domain. By extending current work in the field, the modular nature of MAMBO also allows straightforward extension of concepts and relations to neighboring domains. Our work is expected to enable the systematic integration of computational and experimental data in specific domains of interest (nanomaterials, molecular materials, organic an polymeric materials, supramolecular and bio-organic systems, etc.). Moreover, MAMBO can be applied to the development of data-driven integrated predictive frameworks for the design of novel materials with tailored functional properties.
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