Learning from Imperfect Demonstrations via Adversarial Confidence TransferDownload PDF

Published: 23 Jun 2022, Last Modified: 05 May 2023L-DOD 2022 PosterReaders: Everyone
Abstract: Existing learning from demonstration algorithms usually assume access to expert demonstrations. However, this assumption is limiting in many real-world applications since the collected demonstrations may be suboptimal or even consist of failure cases. We therefore study the problem of learning from imperfect demonstrations by learning a confidence predictor. Specifically, we rely on demonstrations along with their confidence values from a different correspondent environment (source environment) to learn a confidence predictor for the environment we aim to learn a policy in (target environment---where we only have unlabeled demonstrations). We learn a common latent space through adversarial distribution matching of multi-length partial trajectories to enable the transfer of confidence across source and target environments. The learned confidence reweights the demonstrations to enable learning more from informative demonstrations and discarding the irrelevant ones. Our experiments in three simulated environments and a real robot reaching task demonstrate that our approach learns a policy with the highest expected return.
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