Jigsaw Game: Federated Clustering

Published: 09 Jul 2024, Last Modified: 09 Jul 2024Accepted by TMLREveryoneRevisionsBibTeXCC BY-SA 4.0
Abstract: Federated learning has recently garnered significant attention, especially within the domain of supervised learning. However, despite the abundance of unlabeled data on end-users, unsupervised learning problems such as clustering in the federated setting remain underexplored. In this paper, we investigate the federated clustering problem, with a focus on federated k-means. We outline the challenge posed by its non-convex objective and data heterogeneity in the federated framework. To tackle these challenges, we adopt a new perspective by studying the structures of local solutions in k-means and propose a one-shot algorithm called FeCA (Federated Centroid Aggregation). FeCA adaptively refines local solutions on clients, then aggregates these refined client solutions to recover the global solution of the entire dataset in a single round. We empirically demonstrate the robustness of FeCA under various federated scenarios on both synthetic and real-world data. Additionally, we extend FeCA to representation learning and present DeepFeCA, which combines DeepCluster and FeCA for unsupervised feature learning in the federated setting.
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