Exploring multiple block-based 3D volumes utilising two-handed multiple degrees-of-freedom interactionDownload PDF


25 Jan 2020 (modified: 25 Jan 2020)Graphics Interface 2020 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Abstract: The primary purpose of this paper is to run isotonic and isometric experiments on a multiple degrees-of-freedom input and two-handed interactive framework for the analysis of computer-aided visualisations. The key novelty of the system allows different multi-degree-of-freedom devices to be interacted simultaneously, allowing more intuitive and natural behaviour. In the evaluation, we performed the virtual removal and extraction of a palaeontological 3D model from its host rock using rotation and translation of subvolumes of data followed by interactive 2D transfer volume visualisation manipulation. We use a "brick" definition to divide the geological data sets into manageable portions that can be combined interactively in a similar way that a person with two hands combines and creates structures with LEGO blocks. We discuss and present for this application its accuracy and completion time.
  • Keywords: Human-computer interaction, Interaction techniques, Usability testing, Visualization toolkits
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