Line-Storm Ludic System: An Interactive Augmented Stylus and Writing Pad for Creative SoundscapeDownload PDF


21 Dec 2019 (modified: 17 Jan 2020)Graphics Interface 2020 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Abstract: We present Line-Storm, an interactive computer system for creative performance. The context we investigated was writing on paper using Line-Storm. We used self-report questionnaires as part of research involving human participants, to evaluate Line-Storm. Line-Storm consisted of a writing stylus and writing pad, augmented with electronics. The writing pad was connected to a contact microphone, and the writing stylus had a small micro-controller board and peripherals attached to it. The signals from these electronic augmentations were fed into the audio-synthesis environment Max/MSP to produce an interactive soundscape. We attempted to discover whether Line-Storm enhanced a self-reported sense of being present and engaged during a writing task, and we compared Line-Storm to a non-interactive control condition. After performing statistical analysis in SPSS, we were unable to support our research hypothesis, that presence and engagement were enhanced by Line-Storm. Participants reported they were, on average, no more present and engaged during the experimental condition than during the control condition. As creativity is subtle, and varies with person, time, context, space and so many other factors, this result was somewhat expected by us. A statistically significant result of our study is that some participants responded to Line-Storm more positively than others. These Preservers of Line-Storm were a group, distinct from other participants, who reported greater presence and engagement and who wrote more words with Line-Storm and during the control condition. We discuss the results of our research and place Line-Storm in an artistic-technological context, drawing upon writings by Martin Heidegger when considering the nature of Line-Storm. Future work includes modifying interactive components, improving aesthetics and using more miniaturized electronics, experimenting with a drawing task instead of a writing task, and collaborating with a composer of electronic music to make a more interesting, immersive, and engaging interactive soundscape for writing or drawing performance.
  • TL;DR: Interactive stylus based sound incorporating writing system
  • Keywords: Ludic system, Creativity, Interactive soundscape
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