Task Relatedness-Based Generalization Bounds for Meta LearningDownload PDF

Published: 28 Jan 2022, Last Modified: 13 Feb 2023ICLR 2022 SpotlightReaders: Everyone
Abstract: Supposing the $n$ training tasks and the new task are sampled from the same environment, traditional meta learning theory derives an error bound on the expected loss over the new task in terms of the empirical training loss, uniformly over the set of all hypothesis spaces. However, there is still little research on how the relatedness of these tasks can affect the full utilization of all $mn$ training data (with $m$ examples per task). In this paper, we propose to address this problem by defining a new notion of task relatedness according to the existence of the bijective transformation between two tasks. A novel generalization bound of $\mathcal{O}(\frac{1}{\sqrt{mn}})$ for meta learning is thus derived by exploiting the proposed task relatedness. Moreover, when investigating a special branch of meta learning that involves representation learning with deep neural networks, we establish spectrally-normalized bounds for both classification and regression problems. Finally, we demonstrate that the relatedness requirement between two tasks is satisfied when the sample space possesses the completeness and separability properties, validating the rationality and applicability of our proposed task-relatedness measure.
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