Sep 27, 2018 ICLR 2019 Conference Blind Submission readers: everyone Show Bibtex
  • Abstract: Current end-to-end deep learning driving models have two problems: (1) Poor generalization ability of unobserved driving environment when diversity of train- ing driving dataset is limited (2) Lack of accident explanation ability when driving models don’t work as expected. To tackle these two problems, rooted on the be- lieve that knowledge of associated easy task is benificial for addressing difficult task, we proposed a new driving model which is composed of perception module for see and think and driving module for behave, and trained it with multi-task perception-related basic knowledge and driving knowledge stepwisely. Specifi- cally segmentation map and depth map (pixel level understanding of images) were considered as what & where and how far knowledge for tackling easier driving- related perception problems before generating final control commands for difficult driving task. The results of experiments demonstrated the effectiveness of multi- task perception knowledge for better generalization and accident explanation abil- ity. With our method the average sucess rate of finishing most difficult navigation tasks in untrained city of CoRL test surpassed current benchmark method for 15 percent in trained weather and 20 percent in untrained weathers.
  • Keywords: Autonomous car, convolution network, image segmentation, depth estimation, generalization ability, explanation ability, multi-task learning
  • TL;DR: we proposed a new self-driving model which is composed of perception module for see and think and driving module for behave to acquire better generalization and accident explanation ability.
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