Optical Music Recognition and Human-in-the-loop ComputationDownload PDF

Jun 29, 2018ISMIR 2018 WoRMS SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Optical Music Recognition, Human-in-the-loop Computation
  • TL;DR: An OMR system that involves human interaction and uses human feedback to improve the recognition.
  • Abstract: We present our work in optical music recognition in which we seek to transform scanned music notation images into symbolic representations. While music notation contains a small core of symbols and primitives composed in a rule-bound way, there are a great many common exceptions to these rules, as well as a heavy tail of rarer symbols. Since our goal is to create symbolic representations with accuracy near that of published music scores, we doubt the feasibility of fully-automatic recognition, opting instead for a human-interactive approach. We define a simple communication channel between the user and recognition engine, in which the user imposes pixel-level or model-level constraints, to improve our automatic OMR system.
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