Marker versus filter: team focused interaction in complex cognitive representation modelsDownload PDF

29 Apr 2020 (modified: 05 May 2023)CARLA 2020Readers: Everyone
Keywords: semantic co-creation, team focused interaction, cognitive representation models, shared marker, filter
TL;DR: We introduce filtering as an extension of a shared marker into referring expression tasks and evaluate their benefit.
Abstract: In real world scenarios, there are many cases where collaborating participants have to identify a single entity or even a small subset of entities from a large information collection (e.g. a team of astrophysicists tries together to find all exoplanets close to our solar system). Supporting interactive systems use shared cognitive representation models as a key component of collaboration. Such models are beneficial since the abstract nature of relevant concepts is represented in a shared space visible to all team participants. In order to use shared cognitive representation models the participants' conceptions have to be synchronized continuously. This process of semantic co-creation occurs during communication between two or more people, when human cognitive representation models of the topic of discussion converge.
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