Transmission of images through the underwater acoustic channel to submerged networks

Jun 17, 2017 Submission readers: everyone
  • Student Paper: Yes
  • Abstract: As an acoustic communications medium, water is characterized by frequency dependent attenuation, short range, very low bandwidth, scattering, and multi-path. It is generally difficult to acoustically communicate even terse messages underwater much less images. For the naval mine counter-measures mission, there is value for transmitting images, if possible. The contribution of this paper is a methodology to encode, compress and transmit small (100s of kB) side-scan sonar images underwater with micromodems. The work has been validated through several at-sea trials. The reconstruction of the received images is of a fidelity that operators can visually recognize targets they normally look for in these images.
  • TL;DR: collaboration between DRDC and ENSTA Bretagne
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  • Keywords: underwater communications, transmission of sonar images underwater, image reconstruction
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