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Sep 25, 2019 (edited Dec 24, 2019)ICLR 2020 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
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  • TL;DR: We propose a novel method to learn a transferable active learning policy for Graph Neural Networks via reinforcement learning and policy distillation.
  • Abstract: Graph neural networks have been proved very effective for a variety of prediction tasks on graphs such as node classification. Generally, a large number of labeled data are required to train these networks. However, in reality it could be very expensive to obtain a large number of labeled data on large-scale graphs. In this paper, we studied active learning for graph neural networks, i.e., how to effectively label the nodes on a graph for training graph neural networks. We formulated the problem as a sequential decision process, which sequentially label informative nodes, and trained a policy network to maximize the performance of graph neural networks for a specific task. Moreover, we also studied how to learn a universal policy for labeling nodes on graphs with multiple training graphs and then transfer the learned policy to unseen graphs. Experimental results on both settings of a single graph and multiple training graphs (transfer learning setting) prove the effectiveness of our proposed approaches over many competitive baselines.
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  • Keywords: Active Learning, Graph Neural Networks, Transfer Learning, Reinforcement Learning
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