Training DNNs Resilient to Adversarial and Random Bit-Flips by Learning Quantization Ranges

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Abstract: Promoting robustness in deep neural networks (DNNs) is crucial for their reliable deployment in uncertain environments, such as low-power settings or in the presence of adversarial attacks. In particular, bit-flip weight perturbations in quantized networks can significantly degrade performance, underscoring the need to improve DNN resilience. In this paper, we introduce a training mechanism to learn the quantization range of different DNN layers to enhance DNN robustness against bit-flip errors on the model parameters. The proposed approach, called weight clipping-aware training (WCAT), minimizes the quantization range while preserving performance, striking a balance between the two. Our experimental results on different models and datasets showcase that DNNs trained with WCAT can tolerate a high amount of noise while keeping the accuracy close to the baseline model. Moreover, we show that our method significantly enhances DNN robustness against adversarial bit-flip attacks. Finally, when considering the energy-reliability trade-off inherent in on-chip SRAM memories, we observe that WCAT consistently improves the Pareto frontier of test accuracy and energy consumption across diverse models.
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