A Brief Survey on Autonomous Vehicle Possible Attacks,Exploits and Vulnerabilities

Amara Dinesh Kumar, Koti Naga Renu Chebrolu, Vinayakumar R, Soman KP

Sep 22, 2018 Submission readers: everyone
  • Abstract: Advanced driver assistance systems are advancing at a rapid pace and all major companies started investing in developing the autonomous vehicles. But the security and reliability is still uncertain and debatable. Imagine that a vehicle is compromised by the attackers and then what they can do. An attacker can control brake, accelerate and even steering which can lead to catastrophic consequences. This paper gives a very short and brief overview of most of the possible attacks on autonomous vehicle software and hardware and their potential implications.
  • TL;DR: possible attacks on connected autonomous vehicles
  • Keywords: Autonomous vehicle security, car hacking, vulnerabilities, ECU, Adversarial Attack
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