VIVO at the national level – Blending data and technologies to facilitate research insights and analytics in Denmark

May 18, 2021VIVO 2021 Conference SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Research analytics, Research intelligence, National, Denmark, Open Source software
  • TL;DR: VIVO as a key component in a new Danish research information system
  • Abstract: NORA - National Open Research Analytics - is an initiative to further better and more open insights and analytics of research - in Denmark and at the national level. This involves: Building an infrastructure collecting and aligning the best data available, from local, national and global sources. Building analytical and discovery platforms on top of these databases using high-quality and high-integrity tools and concepts. Keeping the infrastructure open and transparent wrt. to data, software and concepts. VIVO plays an important role in this emerging infrastructure. The presentation will explain the application of VIVO and a range of other open tools. Likewise it will review the data sources and the approaches to data alignment, indexing and analytics.
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