Me-ifestos for Visualization Empowerment in Teaching (and Learning?)Download PDF


02 Aug 2022, 14:25 (modified: 14 Oct 2022, 14:45)IEEE 2022 Workshop altVIS Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Keywords: teaching, learning, empowerment, manifestos, me-ifestos
TL;DR: An invitation to the VIS community to participate in a "me-ifesto" exercise: creating personal commitments about how to empower others through data visualization.
Abstract: One sunny June afternoon in a remote castle deep in Saarland, a group of visualization researchers of many stripes — from different countries, disciplines and generations — came together to discuss teaching and learning in visualization. Our first order of business in Saarland was to develop a shared vision: a manifesto of sorts that would guide us towards strategies to broaden data visualization skills, make them more common and accessible, and enable this empowerment. That exercise failed. Instead of creating one shared manifesto (who are we to do that, anyway?), we took a different, more personal approach. We found inspiration in others' manifestos, we crafted individual value and commitment statements ("me-ifestos"), we shared these with each other and reflected on them. The process of writing these commitment statements was illuminating and motivating. It was a positive experience with such visceral effects that we want to share the feeling with the visualization community. And so we share a collection of "me-ifesto" excerpts from the authors and a call to action: we request that readers craft and share their own. *With contributions from multiple participants at the Dagstuhl Seminar 22261. Please see PDF for full author list.
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