Reinforcement Teaching

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Abstract: Machine learning algorithms learn to solve a task, but are unable to improve their ability to learn. Meta-learning methods learn about machine learning algorithms and improve them so that they learn more quickly. However, existing meta-learning methods are either hand-crafted to improve one specific component of an algorithm or only work with differentiable algorithms. We develop a unifying meta-learning framework, called \textit{Reinforcement Teaching}, to improve the learning process of \emph{any} algorithm. Under Reinforcement Teaching, a teaching policy is learned, through reinforcement, to improve a student's learning algorithm. To learn an effective teaching policy, we introduce the \textit{parametric-behavior embedder} that learns a representation of the student's learnable parameters from its input/output behavior. We further use \textit{learning progress} to shape the teacher's reward, allowing it to more quickly maximize the student's performance. To demonstrate the generality of Reinforcement Teaching, we conduct experiments in which a teacher learns to significantly improve both reinforcement and supervised learning algorithms. Reinforcement Teaching outperforms previous work using heuristic reward functions and state representations, as well as other parameter representations.
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