Collecting Verified COVID-19 Question Answer PairsDownload PDF

01 Jul 2020 (modified: 05 May 2023)Submitted to NLP-COVID-2020Readers: Everyone
Keywords: Question-Answering, COVID-19, Data Aggregation
TL;DR: Efforts to collect a verified COVID-19 question-answer dataset
Abstract: We release a dataset of over 2,200 COVID- 19 related Frequently asked Question-Answer pairs scraped from over 40 trusted websites. We include an additional 24,000 questions pulled from online sources that have been aligned by experts with existing answered questions from our dataset. This paper describes our efforts in collecting the dataset and summarizes the resulting data. Our dataset is automatically updated daily and available at https://covid-19-infobot. org/data/. So far, this data has been used to develop a chatbot providing users information about COVID-19. We encourage others to build analytics and tools upon this dataset as well.
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