Dictionary Contrastive Learning for Efficient Local Supervision without Auxiliary Networks

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Keywords: Contrastive learning, Forward learning, Local learning, Image classification, Efficient learning
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TL;DR: We propose a simple and efficient local contrastive learning objective that directly compares local features with label embeddings.
Abstract: While backpropagation (BP) has achieved widespread success in deep learning, it faces two prominent challenges: computational inefficiency and biological implausibility. In response to these challenges, local supervision, encompassing Local Learning (LL) and Forward Learning (FL), has emerged as a promising research direction. LL employs module-wise BP to achieve competitive results yet relies on module-wise auxiliary networks, which increase memory and parameter demands. Conversely, FL updates layer weights without BP and auxiliary networks but falls short of BP’s performance. This paper proposes a simple yet effective objective within a contrastive learning framework for local supervision without auxiliary networks. Given the insight that the existing contrastive learning framework for local supervision is susceptible to task-irrelevant information without auxiliary networks, we present DICTIONARY CONTRASTIVE LEARNING (DCL) that optimizes the similarity between local features and label embeddings. Our method using static label embeddings yields substantial performance improvements in the FL scenario, outperforming state-of-the-art FL approaches. Moreover, our method using adaptive label embeddings closely approaches the performance achieved by LL while achieving superior memory and parameter efficiency.
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Primary Area: unsupervised, self-supervised, semi-supervised, and supervised representation learning
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