Nonconvex Stochastic Scaled Gradient Descent and Generalized Eigenvector ProblemsDownload PDF

Published: 08 May 2023, Last Modified: 26 Jun 2023UAI 2023Readers: Everyone
Keywords: Nonconvex optimization, stochastic scaled-gradient descent, generalized eigenvector problem, canonical correlation analysis, Polyak-Juditsky trajectory averaging
Abstract: Motivated by the problem of online canonical correlation analysis, we propose the \emph{Stochastic Scaled-Gradient Descent} (SSGD) algorithm for minimizing the expectation of a stochastic function over a generic Riemannian manifold. SSGD generalizes the idea of projected stochastic gradient descent and allows the use of scaled stochastic gradients instead of stochastic gradients. In the special case of a spherical constraint, which arises in generalized eigenvector problems, we establish a nonasymptotic finite-sample bound of $\sqrt{1/T}$, and show that this rate is minimax optimal, up to a polylogarithmic factor of relevant parameters. On the asymptotic side, a novel trajectory-averaging argument allows us to achieve local asymptotic normality with a rate that matches that of Ruppert-Polyak-Juditsky averaging. We bring these ideas together in an application to online canonical correlation analysis, deriving, for the first time in the literature, an optimal one-time-scale algorithm with an explicit rate of local asymptotic convergence to normality. Numerical studies of canonical correlation analysis are also provided for synthetic data.
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