FlockLab 2: Multi-Modal Testing and Validation for Wireless IoTDownload PDF

08 Jun 2020, 05:58 (edited 07 Aug 2020)MobiCom 2020 Workshop CPS-IoTBench Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Abstract: The development, evaluation, and comparison of wireless IoT and cyber-physical systems requires testbeds supporting inspection of logical states and accurate observations of physical performance metrics. We present FlockLab 2, a second generation testbed supporting multi-modal, high-accuracy and high-dynamic range measurements of power and logic timing and at the same time in-situ debug and trace infrastructure of modern microcontrollers allowing for reproducible evaluation and benchmarking. We detail the architecture, provide a characterization and demonstrate the interface, the supported services and the tools of the FlockLab 2 testbed.
  • Keywords: testbed, IoT, FlockLab, cyber-physical system, reproducibility, benchmarking, wireless sensor network
  • TL;DR: In this paper, we present the second-generation testbed FlockLab 2 which combines industry standard debug and trace support with accurate high-dynamic range power and timing measurements.
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