Identity and Blockchain

28 Jul 2017ISWC 2017 DeSemWeb SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Abstract: Blockchain-Technology holds the potential to fundamentally transform the paradigms of digital identities. It can support the implementation of a truly self-sovereign and independent identity, where people are in full control over their data. In conjunction with other decentralization technologies and standards Jolocom developed a novel data sharing application. Based on Social Linked Data (Solid) and Ethereum people can exchange data, information and messages from their personal data store among their social graph. The application is powered by the Jolocom SmartWallet, which manages a corresponding digital identity and its properties in Ethereum. A verification service enables the concept of verifiable claims where data stored in the solid server is verified through a trusted party on the blockchain. This allows to present personal data in a trusted way to multiple parties without repetitive need for verification. The presentation will give a detailed overview about the technical details of the application and how Social Linked Data and Ethereum are a perfect match for a new data sharing culture. *
TL;DR: Self-Souvereign Identity enabled through the Ethereum Blockchain
Submission Category: Intelligent Client Challenge / Demo
Keywords: Solid, identity, blockchain, ethereum
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