Unsupervised Human Action Detection by Action Matching

Basura Fernando, Sareh Shirazi, Stephen Gould

Invalid Date (modified: Apr 03, 2017) CVPR 2017 BNMW Submission readers: everyone
  • Paper length: 8 page
  • Abstract: We propose a new task of unsupervised action detection by action matching. Given two long videos, the objective is to temporally detect all pairs of matching video segments. A pair of video segments are matched if they share the same human action. The task is category independent---it does not matter what action is being performed---and no supervision is used to discover such video segments. Unsupervised action detection by action matching allows us to align videos in a meaningful manner. As such, it can be used to discover new action categories or as an action proposal technique within, say, an action detection pipeline. Moreover, it is a useful pre-processing step for generating video highlights, e.g., from sports videos. We present an effective and efficient method for unsupervised action detection. We use an unsupervised temporal encoding method and exploit the temporal consistency in human actions to obtain candidate action segments. We evaluate our method on this challenging task using three activity recognition benchmarks, namely, the MPII Cooking activities dataset, the THUMOS15 action detection benchmark and a new dataset called the IKEA dataset. On the MPII Cooking dataset we detect action segments with a precision of 21.6% and recall of 11.7% over 946 long video pairs and over 5000 ground truth action segments. Similarly, on THUMOS dataset we obtain 18.4% precision and 25.1% recall over 5094 ground truth action segment pairs.
  • Keywords: action detection
  • Conflicts: anu.edu.au, qut.edu.au
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