Dataset Debt in Biomedical Language ModelingDownload PDF

Published: 09 Apr 2022, Last Modified: 05 May 2023BigScience#5Readers: Everyone
Keywords: biomedical, language modeling, data-centric
TL;DR: Biomedical NLP suffers from significant "dataset debt" that creates challenges for reproducibly and accessibility in large-scale language modeling.
Abstract: Large-scale language modeling and natural language prompting have demonstrated exciting capabilities for few and zero shot learning in NLP. However, translating these successes to specialized domains such as biomedicine remains challenging, due in part to biomedical NLP’s significant dataset debt -- the technical costs associated with data that are not consistently documented or easily incorporated into popular machine learning frameworks at scale. To assess this debt, we crowdsourced curation of datasheets for 167 biomedical datasets. We find that only 13% of datasets are available via programmatic access and 30\% lack any documentation on licensing and permitted reuse. Our dataset catalog is available at:
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