SMT-based Weighted Model Integration with Structure AwarenessDownload PDF

28 Feb 2022, 19:45 (modified: 17 Jun 2022, 16:52)UAI 2022 PosterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: probabilistic inference, weighted model integration, satisfiability modulo theory, algebraic constraints
TL;DR: We present a novel SMT-based algorithm for probabilistic inference with logical and algebraic constraints
Abstract: Weighted Model Integration (WMI) is a popular formalism aimed at unifying approaches for probabilistic inference in hybrid domains, involving logical and algebraic constraints. Despite a considerable amount of recent work, allowing WMI algorithms to scale with the complexity of the hybrid problem is still a challenge. In this paper we highlight some substantial limitations of existing state-of-the-art solutions, and develop an algorithm that combines SMT-based enumeration, an efficient technique in formal verification, with an effective encoding of the problem structure. This allows our algorithm to avoid generating redundant models, resulting in substantial computational savings. An extensive experimental evaluation on both synthetic and real-world datasets confirms the advantage of the proposed solution over existing alternatives.
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