Design and preliminary evaluation of team based competitions in video forecasting

Florin Popescu, Isabelle Guyon, Lisheng Sun, Diviyan Kalainathan, Sebastien Treguer, Cecile Capponi, Stephane Ayache, Xavier Baro, Julio C. Jacques Junior, Sergio Escalera

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  • Abstract: The article describes the design of a series of competitions the aim of which is the evaluation and the further development of the state-of-the art in spatio-temporal forecasting. The means of doing so is to provide novel test data incrementally, while evaluating work of competing teams that submit algorithms in terms of performance criteria which include accuracy of predictions and time of computation. Initial results are presented hereing, whereas final results of the ongoing challenge will be presented at ICLR.
  • TL;DR: describes evaluation procedures for competing algorithms submitted by research teams on a video frame forecasting task, and first results, with further results shown at ICLR
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