Benchmarks Old and New: How to compare domain independence for cost-optimal classical planning?Download PDF


Apr 13, 2019 (edited Jun 01, 2019)ICAPS 2019 Workshop WIPC Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: Domain-Independent Planning, Classical Planning, Optimal Planning
  • Abstract: Domain independence is one of the main features of automated planning. Planners, in the context of cost-optimal classical planning, are developed with the intent of solving any type of problem that can be formulated in PDDL. We then compare planners by the number of problem instances they solve on a set of benchmarks, one point for each problem solved. However, does solving the most problems automatically result in having the best domain-independent planner? In this paper, we compare the best performing, non-portfolio planners from the cost-optimal classical track of the International Planning Competition (IPC) 2018 on the complete set of benchmarks from the previous two competitions (2011 and 2014) and on a subset of the competitions from before 2011. Results show that, as the number of problems for each domain varies, current way of comparing planners (total coverage) can be biased towards the planners that perform the best in the domains with the most instances, but once we normalize those results, we can get a better picture for which technique is the most domain independent.
  • Track: discussion topic (5 minutes)
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