Neural Arithmetic Unit by reusing many small pre-trained networksDownload PDF

25 Sep 2019 (modified: 24 Dec 2019)ICLR 2020 Conference Blind SubmissionReaders: Everyone
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  • TL;DR: We train many small networks each for a specific operation, these are then combined to perform complex operations
  • Abstract: We propose a solution for evaluation of mathematical expression. However, instead of designing a single end-to-end model we propose a Lego bricks style architecture. In this architecture instead of training a complex end-to-end neural network, many small networks can be trained independently each accomplishing one specific operation and acting a single lego brick. More difficult or complex task can then be solved using a combination of these smaller network. In this work we first identify 8 fundamental operations that are commonly used to solve arithmetic operations (such as 1 digit multiplication, addition, subtraction, sign calculator etc). These fundamental operations are then learned using simple feed forward neural networks. We then shows that different operations can be designed simply by reusing these smaller networks. As an example we reuse these smaller networks to develop larger and a more complex network to solve n-digit multiplication, n-digit division, and cross product. This bottom-up strategy not only introduces reusability, we also show that it allows to generalize for computations involving n-digits and we show results for up to 7 digit numbers. Unlike existing methods, our solution also generalizes for both positive as well as negative numbers.
  • Keywords: NALU, feed forward NN
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