Defense against Adversarial Examples by Encoder-Assisted Search in the Latent Coding Space

Sep 25, 2019 Blind Submission readers: everyone Show Bibtex
  • Abstract: Deep neural networks were shown to be vulnerable to crafted adversarial perturbations, and thus bring serious safety problems. To solve this problem, we proposed $\text{AE-GAN}_\text{+sr}$, a framework for purifying input images by searching a closest natural reconstruction with little computation. We first build a reconstruction network AE-GAN, which adapted auto-encoder by introducing adversarial loss to the objective function. In this way, we can enhance the generative ability of decoder and preserve the abstraction ability of encoder to form a self-organized latent space. In the inference time, when given an input, we will start a search process in the latent space which aims to find the closest reconstruction to the given image on the distribution of normal data. The encoder can provide a good start point for the searching process, which saves much computation cost. Experiments show that our method is robust against various attacks and can reach comparable even better performance to similar methods with much fewer computations.
  • Keywords: Adversarial Defense, Auto-encoder, Adversarial Attack, GAN
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