"Pawamaan" Smart Air Quality Monitoring System

21 Nov 2022 (modified: 05 May 2023)ESPC 2022Readers: Everyone
Abstract: With a recent fall in air quality around us, individuals' health is at risk. The importance of a good atmosphere is evident now as people are experiencing symptoms of various illnesses. Some problems, such as fatigue, short breath, or restlessness, are caused by minute factors of the air, which are usually ignored. The solution presented as a result is a Smart Air Quality Monitoring system which shall serve as a means to act upon the degrading air quality and proactively avoid its ill effects
Video URL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11L0pprsN07rqs1DkLnEMdsFnRsXau7B2/view?usp=sharing
Repository URL: https://github.com/IISERB-UG/Pawamaan---Smart-Air-Quality-Monitoring-System
Report: pdf
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