ProtoCaps: A Fast and Non-Iterative Capsule Network Routing Method

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Abstract: Capsule Networks have emerged as a powerful class of deep learning architectures, known for robust performance with relatively few parameters compared to Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). However, their inherent efficiency is often overshadowed by their slow, iterative routing mechanisms which establish connections between Capsule layers, posing computational challenges resulting in an inability to scale. In this paper, we introduce a novel, non-iterative routing mechanism, inspired by trainable prototype clustering. This innovative approach aims to mitigate computational complexity, while retaining, if not enhancing, performance efficacy. Furthermore, we harness a shared Capsule subspace, negating the need to project each lower-level Capsule to each higher-level Capsule, thereby significantly reducing memory requisites during training. Our approach demonstrates superior results compared to the current best non-iterative Capsule Network and tests on the Imagewoof dataset, which is too computationally demanding to handle efficiently by iterative approaches. Our findings underscore the potential of our proposed methodology in enhancing the operational efficiency and performance of Capsule Networks, paving the way for their application in increasingly complex computational scenarios. Code is available at
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