COVID-QA: A Question Answering Dataset for COVID-19Download PDF

18 Jun 2020, 09:11 (edited 29 Jul 2020)ACL 2020 Workshop NLP-COVID SubmissionReaders: Everyone
  • Keywords: NLP, Question Answering, Dataset, COVID-19, CORD-19
  • TL;DR: A SQuAD style Question Answering dataset with 2.019 QA pairs annotated by medical experts (Abstract only)
  • Abstract: We present COVID-QA, a Question Answering dataset consisting of 2,019 question/answer pairs annotated by volunteer biomedical experts on scientific articles related to COVID-19. To evaluate the dataset we compared a RoBERTa base model fine-tuned on SQuAD with the same model trained on SQuAD and our COVID-QA dataset. We found that the additional training on this domain-specific data leads to significant gains in performance. Both the trained model and the annotated dataset have been open-sourced at:
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