EPIC-Survival: End-to-end Part Inferred Clustering for Survival Analysis, with Prognostic Stratification BoostingDownload PDF

Published: 31 Mar 2021, Last Modified: 16 May 2023MIDL 2021Readers: Everyone
Keywords: computational pathology, clustering, subtyping, survival analysis
TL;DR: end-to-end survival predication using deep learning on digital histopathology
Abstract: Histopathology-based survival modelling has two major hurdles. Firstly, a well-performing survival model has minimal clinical application if it does not contribute to the stratification of a cancer patient cohort into different risk groups, preferably driven by histologic morphologies. In the clinical setting, individuals are not given specific prognostic predictions, but are rather predicted to lie within a risk group which has a general survival trend. Thus, It is imperative that a survival model produces well-stratified risk groups. Secondly, until now, survival modelling was done in a two-stage approach (encoding and aggregation). EPIC-Survival bridges encoding and aggregation into an end-to-end survival modelling approach, while introducing stratification boosting to encourage the model to not only optimize ranking, but also to discriminate between risk groups. In this study we show that EPIC-Survival performs better than other approaches in modelling intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC), a historically difficult cancer to model. We found that stratification boosting further improves model performance and helps identify specific histologic differences, not commonly sought out in ICC.
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Primary Subject Area: Integration of Imaging and Clinical Data
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