Towards Grounded Dialogue Generation in Video Game EnvironmentsDownload PDF

21 Nov 2022, 19:10 (modified: 14 Jan 2023, 18:03)creativeAIReaders: Everyone
Keywords: disco elysium, grounded language, video games, interactive storytelling
TL;DR: Using the video game Disco Elysium as a testbed for grounded interactive storytelling research.
Abstract: Video games provide rich interactive environments that have proven to be great testbeds for AI research in areas such as grounded language generation and reinforcement learning. In this preliminary work, we show that commercial video games can also be an excellent resource for interactive storytelling. We introduce a dataset extracted from the widely acclaimed computer role-playing game Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. With roughly 1.1M words of dialogue spread across a complex graph of possible utterances, the game provides a strong research foundation for interactive storytelling. Furthermore, nodes in the dialogue graph can express conditional logic that permanently alter the game state, and thus affects reachability in the graph. These conditions are encoded in the form of Lua scripts written by the game’s designers. To demonstrate the utility of the dataset, we cluster dialogue based on similarity and linearize all possible utterances for the next turn of dialogue into a Lua script containing a mix of natural language and game logic. We then mask out one utterance from the script and use a large language model to generate a plausible alternative. Analyses of these generations demonstrate the difficulty of this task and suggest future avenues for research, which if successful, have the potential to profoundly impact dialogue writing in video games.
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Presenter: Nader Akoury
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