Stereoscopic Virtual Reality Teleoperation for Human Robot Collaborative Dataset Collection

Published: 27 Feb 2024, Last Modified: 09 Mar 2024VAM-HRI 2024 OralEveryoneRevisionsBibTeXCC BY 4.0
Keywords: virtual reality, teleoperation, human robot collaboration
TL;DR: We present a virtual reality teleoperation system intended for data collection of robots collaborating with humans. We introduce a set of human robot collaborative tasks along with a taxonomy categorizing them.
Abstract: Large and diverse datasets are required to train general purpose models in NLP, computer vision, and robot manipulation. However, existing robotics datasets have single robots interacting in a static environment whereas in many real world scenarios, robots have to interact with humans or other dynamic agents. In this work, we present a virtual reality (VR) teleoperation system to enable data collection for human robot collaborative (HRC) tasks. The human operator using the VR system receives an immersive and high fidelity egocentric view with a stereoscopic depth effect, providing the situational awareness required to teleoperate the robot remotely to perform various tasks. We propose to collect data on a set of HRC tasks and introduce a taxonomy to categorize the tasks. We envision that our VR system will broaden the scope of tasks robots can perform with human collaborators and that the proposed dataset will enable the development of new algorithms for HRC.
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