Fast Sampling of Diffusion Models with Exponential IntegratorDownload PDF

Published: 01 Feb 2023, Last Modified: 14 Jul 2024ICLR 2023 posterReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Fast diffusion model, generative model
TL;DR: Training-free acceleration for diffusion model, 4.17 FID with 10 NFEs on CIFAR10
Abstract: The past few years have witnessed the great success of Diffusion models~(DMs) in generating high-fidelity samples in generative modeling tasks. A major limitation of the DM is its notoriously slow sampling procedure which normally requires hundreds to thousands of time discretization steps of the learned diffusion process to reach the desired accuracy. Our goal is to develop a fast sampling method for DMs with a much less number of steps while retaining high sample quality. To this end, we systematically analyze the sampling procedure in DMs and identify key factors that affect the sample quality, among which the method of discretization is most crucial. By carefully examining the learned diffusion process, we propose Diffusion Exponential Integrator Sampler~(DEIS). It is based on the Exponential Integrator designed for discretizing ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and leverages a semilinear structure of the learned diffusion process to reduce the discretization error. The proposed method can be applied to any DMs and can generate high-fidelity samples in as few as 10 steps. Moreover, by directly using pre-trained DMs, we achieve state-of-art sampling performance when the number of score function evaluation~(NFE) is limited, e.g., 4.17 FID with 10 NFEs, 2.86 FID with only 20 NFEs on CIFAR10.
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