Potential and Insufficiency of Application of 4D-BIM for the Building Demolition ProcessDownload PDF

27 Mar 2024AIS-J 2021 Journal SubmissionReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Building Information Modeling (BIM), 4D-BIM, Building Demolition, Demolition Process, Site Utilization
Abstract: The utilization of 4D-BIM in the demolition phase of buildings has not gained widespread attention. Therefore, this study aims to clarify the challenges faced in effectively utilizing 4D-BIM in the demolition project. The method of this study involves applying 4D-BIM in the actual demolition project, observing and evaluating its role in the process of demolition planning and execution, exploring the challenges faced, and the potential effects that can be achieved in the utilization of 4D-BIM during the demolition phase, and providing prospects for its future applications. During the process of creating the 4D-BIM for the actual demolition project, we encountered several challenges related to generating BIM data and utilizing BIM software. Although these issues required substantial time and effort to resolve, using 4D-BIM effectively discussed and created demolition solutions in the actual demolition project. It enables the visualization of multiple demolition schemes and enhances the intuitive understanding of these solutions. The results of attempting to use 4D-BIM in the actual demolition project show that, despite challenges such as issues with BIM data creation and inadequate BIM software functionalities affecting the efficient generation of 4D-BIM data, the effects demonstrated by 4D-BIM indicate its potential for application in the demolition phase.
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