An IT Operations Ontology for Knowledge-intensive Enterprise Use CasesDownload PDF

19 Mar 2021 (modified: 05 May 2023)Submitted to ESWC 2021 IndustryReaders: Everyone
Keywords: Linked Open Data, Ontologies, Semantic Web, IT Operations
TL;DR: An IT Ontology induced from Wikidata and extended with proprietary knowledge.
Abstract: We present an Information Technology Operations ontology (ITOPS) that leverages Linked Open Data (LOD) resources as seeds for specialized industry ontologies. In our case, we needed a rich knowledge graph to support a range of applications related to IT Operations without investing in creating one from scratch. Some of the applications include multi-turn chatbots and a question-answering (QA) system that returns the relevant chats or text given a set of user keywords.
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